Intro to Music
This express course is intended for students with little or no background in music who would like to develop a theoretical and practical understanding of how music works. Students will be introduced to different kinds of music notation, melodic systems, harmonies, meters and rhythmic techniques with the goal of attaining basic competence in performance an creation of music. Assignments will include notational exercises, short papers and the preparation for classroom performance. This includes 2 class meetings and one lab section per week
Beginner Vocal Training
teaches the first steps in vocal breathing, scales Pitch, Getting your voice ready, the 4 P’s, Warm Ups and tones. The student will identify strengths and weaknesses. Student will learn a song an prepare to sing.
Enhancing My Vocals
– Students will be able to distinguish the art of a Karaoke to a Professional Singer. What makes the voice unique an learn how to explore the voice. Students will learn their Voiceprint Learn your voice muscles an learn the walls of your vocal folds
Blend gel is Important
students/teams will learn the different techniques of listening an operations on how to blend and what creates a gel for the a unique sound. They will be able to sound as one and create a melody of one sound.
Stage Presence
in this class students will understand how-to own the stage. They will learn that it can make you or break you. The students will learn techniques on working the 4 points of a stage and why it is very Important to know which area is your post and for how long and when to move. Students will be able to perform on a stage an watch themselves an critic where they went wrong and students will learn to make it right
Intermediate Vocal Training
This class is for more advance singers, it will help identify your areas of need in strengthening the core and to retrain the muscles that may not be used as much. This class will help make your current vocal status more in tune and allow you to advance in your career
Intro to Sight Reading
this class will teach individuals how to read music an how to retrieve the prima vista of new music for their career
Intro to Piano students
will learn basic skills of the piano including key notes, scales and how to embrace the piano. Upon completion students will be able to identify the scale of keys
Applications of Makeup
Individuals will learn the basic concepts of applying makeup, blending techniques, learn the brushes, and create a finish look on a budget
Certification in Extensions (series 6)
Students will learn techniques on how to apply Hot & Cold Fusion, Braidless Sew it, Micro Links, Clip Ins & Bonded. Upon completion students will be prepared an ready to increase their revenue. *must be licensed or enrolled in a current beauty school program*
Certification in Rubber Band & Tape Extensions
Students will learn how to single strand the Rubber Band technique & How to apply the layered taped extensions upon completion student will have the ability to increase their revenue *must be licensed or enrolled in a current beauty school program*
Intro in Making a wig
Students will be able to learn how to make a personnel u shape wig as this will help make their business unique and allow a profitable outcome
Demo Preparation
this class will help student with song selection, Image and marketing package. The student will learn what tools is needed to have a successful demo
Life Coaching
this class is to help pull out dreams and help students know their worth and find their purpose. Students will be able to identify their own strengths and weakness, upon completion of this class the student will be able to take their vision board and begin their journey of roads to success
Use your Faith (Series)
This class is teaching individuals how to exercise their Faith by teaching how it works and techniques on believing an letting go to Leap out
Adult & teenager Counseling this is a program where individuals come to receive help in advice, direction and guidance. This is a single service that is offered to individuals an a professional in the field of counseling or social service will be available
Event Planning
This class will teach individuals on how to plan your next event and what it takes to allow your event to be a great success. It will also teach you the in & outs of the business and how this business can open huge doors for you.