Resume & Mock Interview:

Teaches students on how to land careers with the success of building a perfect resume in learning techniques of how to present resumes with each job description. This class will teach how to prepare and dress properly for a interview in strengthening core values on speaking, firm hand shakes, eye to eye contact and selling your strengths in business to potential employers. Will have in class interviews and demonstrate how interviews are handled in the professional workforce.

Upon completion of class students will be able to create a professional resume and be able to go and conquer their career dreams.

How to Market my business:
 Will illustrate techniques on marketing with social media and more. This class will introduce students on the newest social media such as Twitter, Fb, Instag, Hoote Suite etc. This class will show students where businesses & individuals go wrong with marketing an where/why they don’t succeed. This class will have students create a marketing plan for their business and sell to each other to learn where they went wrong and how to make it right. Upon completing this class students will be prepared to take over the industry and have success in marketing.
Introduction to Music:
 Students will learn why music is universal and learn different types of music that is available as well as why music is important. Students will learn what music field they would love to go into and why its their focus. Students will create a study on their favorite musician and learn what it will take to get to the next level of music. Why is it important to appreciate your gift and to learn use it in the right capability and exercises on Music is real to me”
Introduction to Stage:
 Students will learn why is it so important to know that you own the stage and it can work for you or against you. This class will show the dynamics as a performer how the stage is utilized in a professional genre. Students will learn the do’s and don’ts of the stage and will illustrate a performance where you can see yourself and where it went wrong and how to make it right. Upon completion of this course students will be able to perform as a professional an captivate the audience to awe moment of encore.

Branding my Business:

 Students will learn how to create a household name and what makes their business or them different than common businesses/artist. Students will be able to create a branding plan and introduce it to each other to see if it works an to learn how successful Branding can make a company or break a company. “What makes me Different”

Music is Medicine:

 Students will learn why its so important that we must have music an how you can help change someone life through lyrics. Students will learn techniques of writing a song an making it a hit. They will develop strategies on the difference between songwriting and performing the music. ‘I need Medicine series’
Basic Computer skills:
 Students will learn basic computer skills such as word, excel, PowerPoint and emailing. They will discover how to explore the internet and how to send attachments. They will also learn how to create documents and achieve the power of knowing how to navigate a computer.
Becoming a Entrepreneur:
 Students will learn the steps of going into business and what they will need before saying they are a business. Students will learn what is needed an different cost factors it will take to achieving a successful business. Students will create business plans and prepare it for a professional to review it. Upon completion of this class students will have the tools to opening a business.
Students will enjoy the tools in learning what it takes to become a great leader and will learn the tools that will help enhance self skills, communication, mentoring, motivational seminars and role model concepts
Platform Artist:
 Becoming a platform artist will provide stylist/artist on controlling your audience attention in your product. This will allow you to show that you are more than qualified to teach on a platinum level and provide great work for your viewers to purchase or sign up. In this class students will do role playing and focus groups in mastering the Platform.
Business behind the scenes:
 Business behind the scenes is a course teaching roles of your production, wardrobe, Stylist, assistant, secretary, management, road management and your bookkeeping in making sure your show or business is a success. What Happens behind the scenes.
Why Bookkeeping /Increase Revenue:
 Growth this class will teach accounting methods of ways to store receipts, budget controlling, sales, product sells and tax laws with avoiding bankruptcy and being broke at the end of the day.